We are committed to supply products to our customers with zero defects and 100% on time delivery, every time. Our customer service response and helpful approach ensures open communication and trusted respect with the procurement professionals we interact with daily. Corporate goals and directives monitor the performance of customer satisfaction to guarantee effectiveness.

The extended services of our operation provides partnerships with world class suppliers matching our own anticipated levels of quality, service, response and product performance. Supplier selection is distinguished by prevalidation and continuous performance monitoring. These companies become transparent as they understand the relevant contract requirements and sense of urgency expressed in doing business with us.

Defects are monitored in a reporting process regarding parts per million and lots per million. The company goal is closely monitored against a value of ZERO DEFECTS. Scrap values are evaluated using trend analysis and statistical techniques to monitor the waste associated with the internal manufacturing process. These tools are used to continuously improve manufacturing and ultimately eliminate defects.

The overall service goals of Dawley Manufacturing set the stage to perform at a world class level within every facet of our business to include, customers, suppliers, business partnerships and internal employee relations. Fostering this environment differentiates us from many of our competitors.


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